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How many letters can I order?

Due to the size of some steaks, we recommend ordering a maximum of 3 letters. If you would like additional letters, please contact us.

I need to change my order

Please email us immediately detailing the change you wish to make. Include your name, street address and email address. Please note that orders are processed as soon as they are received and may have already been completed. In this case we would be unable to change your order.

I would like delivery by a certain date

Our standard lead time to customise and deliver your branding iron is 5-10 working days. Although we cannot guarantee delivery by a certain date, we will do everything we can to get your order out by the date that you request.

Can you post my order to me?

To ensure you receive your branding iron, we post with Track & Trace to your door. All deliveries are non-signature unless otherwise requested.


What meat can I brand?

Your branding iron can be used for branding steak, pork, lamb, chicken and hamburgers. It may also be suitable for branding some breads.

How do I use my branding iron?

Hold the tip of the branding iron as close as possible (or amongst) an open flame. Heat the branding iron for approximately 8 minutes or until the tip is red hot.

While the tip is red hot, press the brand against the food for approximately 10 seconds, using a side-to-side and top-to-bottom rocking method to leave a firm imprint on the food.

What else can I use my branding iron for?

Press the cold iron into cookie dough prior to cooking or hold the cold iron on top of a cooked cake while dusting with icing sugar. Personalise leather goods and wooden items.

How do I clean my branding iron?

Allow the iron to cool and simply wash with water and detergent. A scotchbrite pad can be used on the letters and rod to remove any other residue. Do not wash the branding iron in a dishwasher.

How long will my branding iron last?

To ensure the longevity of your branding iron, clean as per above and store in a dry location.

Can I use my branding iron on my stovetop?

Along with using in a gas or charcoal BBQ, the branding irons can be used indoors by being heated up on a gas stovetop.

Is my branding iron suitable for commercial use?

The branding irons have been designed for domestic use only and are not guaranteed if used in a commercial environment.

Brand It! branding irons are now being used in many Restaurants and Cafes throughout New Zealand.


My branding iron was damaged when I received it.

Please contact us within 14 days of receipt of your branding iron outlining the damage to the iron. We may ask that you return the iron to us or email a photo of the damaged iron.

We will meet our obligations under the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act to repair, replace or refund your branding iron.

Do you have any suggestions for gift occasions?

Brand It! branding irons make the perfect gift for special occasions. They are a popular gift for Fathers Day, Christmas, gifts for groomsmen, a guest speaker, awards, birthdays, a house warming, graduation and engagements.

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